Maryville University

As one of the earliest commencements in the season, Maryville University became the first virtual commencement for spring 2020. Our company handled diploma fulfillment and created custom graduate landing pages for graduates. We are working on Fall 2020 virtual commencement now, and we are coordinating and producing a live drive-in style commencement for 10 separate schools’ ceremonies in spring 2021.

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Completion Date: May 2020

Eastern Washington University

Fogarty Services produced 3,700 individual web pages for the university, while receiving nearly 40,000 congratulatory media submissions from the EWU community participating in the virtual commencement. We also helped ship 3,700 “graduation packages” that included diploma covers, custom printing, special edition newspaper, confetti sticks and other promotional items from the university. All items shipped in tandem with variable data-specific printing and shipping — timed to the rollout of the 3,700 individual web pages. FSI warehouse staff and web staff fulfilled, managed and quality controlled this process in-house.

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Completion Date: June 6, 2020

Parkway School District

Fogarty Services created 1,385 unique Senior Celebration web pages for graduates across five high schools in spring 2020. Parents, family, faculty and friends uploaded custom congratulatory content in the form of videos, photos and text messages that launched to each student on their original graduation date. Common content for each high school displayed at the top of each student’s page, such as remarks from the superintendent and principal, with the custom content below that.

By summer 2020, the district canceled the postponed commencement ceremonies, and Fogarty Services recorded every graduation speaker for all five schools over the span of two days. Our video editing staff created virtual ceremonies for each school over a weekend to meet an accelerated deadline. Ceremonies included speeches from staff, board of education members, students and a full roll call of graduates’ names featuring their photo alongside a personalized diploma with their name on it in a slide show format.

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Completion Dates: May 2020 (Part 1) and August 2020 (Part 2)

Women Influencing Louisville

Hosted and produced virtual conference with more than 1,800 international attendees. Participants heard from business leaders, healthcare professionals and life coaches in general session, breakouts and virtual networking events.

Completion Date: October 21-22, 2020


Kelley Bright, Partner
Office Leader
Mercer | Louisville, Kentucky
P: 502 561 4502
M: 502 905 9933

Florida Fire Chiefs’ Association

Approximately 400 international firefighting organizations are tuning in and participating in the virtual general session and breakout sessions for the Safety and Health Conference sponsored by the Florida Fire Chiefs’ Association and supported wholly by Fogarty Services.

Project Air Dates: December 6-9, 2020


Ngoc Huynh
Conference & Events Director
Florida Fire Chiefs’ Association
221 Pinewood Drive | Tallahassee, FL 32303
Email: | Mobile: 850.691.9877