Involving your production partner in the planning stage is crucial to a successful event. They can help navigate contract negotiations with unions and the venue, if applicable.

Space Mapping

Before booking space, scale drawings that show your preferred audience layout and technology support ensure no surprises. Add pre-visualization 3D renderings, and you have a complete “feel” for the space.  It’s also a great way to see the setup and layout ahead of time to confirm the plan.

Power & Internet

Your production partner can help compare power pricing in varying markets between venues, as this line item changes by city and location. And does the event need group WiFi? Statistics show the average conference has less than 40% of its attendees logging into venue-provided WiFi. There is almost always room for negotiation on power and internet pricing.

Hassle-free Breakouts

If your event involves breakouts, involve your production partner early. Working together on a breakout plan maximizes room usage and possible quick-turns of rooms or equipment. This ensures the proper equipment is in place and could reduce costs.