Cody Hill

Technical Expert

Cody first thought he wanted to be a musician, then a doctor, and then a biochemist before settling on becoming a computer wizard. (We are glad he decided on that career).

When Cody comes to the office, everyone breathes a sigh of relief because he is our technical guru. He not only keeps our Fogarty personal computers and office up and running, but he also specializes in making sure all our show computers are current with the latest software and support media.

On show site, Cody can handle multiple positions. He can be an A1, a video technician, or manage breakout rooms.

In the past year, Cody has become Fogarty’s expert on setting up, programming and managing our video walls. Cody is our go-to for app development and computer software.

Whether it’s on a computer, in the kitchen, with a guitar, or a bin full of LEGO bricks, Cody enjoys the process of creating something new.