Tony Palazzolo

Logistics Manager

Among other jobs, Tony spent 15 years at Chrysler before joining Leonhardt Communications in 2010 to work with his brothers, Roger and Joe. After Fogarty Services acquired Leonhardt Communications, Tony began working in the warehouse packing, pulling, and driving equipment to shows.

Over the years, Tony has added to his skill set by learning the ins and outs of setting up our general sessions and breakouts.

We refer to Tony as the “Lead Finagler” because he is the master of sourcing. He has an uncanny knack of finding hard to find items. If he can’t find it, he and Roy figure out the best way to create it.

Tony enjoys boating and spending time with his family. Tony and his wife Nicole have adopted four children throughout their 20+ years of marriage: Kevin, Desiree, Trinity, and little Jaden (who keeps them both young).