Virtual Events

The need to connect people in any organization is greater now than ever. When your meeting or event needs to take place virtually, Fogarty Services can step in and design the right virtual solution. By leveraging expertise in broadcast and web development, Fogarty Services can elevate the experience.

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Real Meeting, Virtual Audience.

Communication in your organization is vital, now more than ever. Keep your company’s plans and workgroups functioning smoothly.

We are experienced in producing meetings and events while streaming it live to an online audience. With multiple camera angles from a meeting space, recreate the look, feel and sound of the actual event and send it to your attendees electronically.

  • Actual Meeting. Imagine keynote speakers or panel discussions onstage delivering their message. Everything is in place for an interactive broadcast.
  • Audience participation. People want to feel included, even in a remote setting. Live Q&A and real-time polling provide the participant a fully interactive experience.
  • Budget Neutral. The cost for the streaming equipment and extra cameras is usually offset by the removal of a large audio system and audience lighting.
  • Event Size. Recreate settings from small breakouts to full general sessions.


Fogarty Services has the facility and staff capable of packaging, labeling, distributing and shipping custom variable data-based parcels. Whether its promotional items, awards, meeting materials or much more, Fogarty Services can provide a turnkey solution for your complex fulfillment and shipping needs even if the materials come from various vendors.