Schedule for May 10

We did it! Let’s talk about going home.

Oak and Ivy

Lobby call is 8:30am / be there at 9am.

These 10 are headed there in the morning:

  1. Bill Fogarty (#1030)
  2. Brice Perry (#864)
  3. Dan Jarvis (#1205)
  4. Emma Fogarty (#866)
  5. Garrett Callahan (#1183)
  6. Jason Grossmann (#972)
  7. Jonathan Meacham (#1081)
  8. Kenton Hembree (#1035)
  9. Michael McCuddy (#1080)
  10. William Skelton (#1036)


If your name is not on the above list, please be in the Ryder Cup ballroom at 8am tomorrow morning to continue the strike.

Good Day LOP 2024 Crew!

I’m looking forward to working with you all and creating an amazing event for U.S. Bank.

2024 is going to be another year of LOP firsts.  We are grateful to have each of you on the team.  Please reach out to Roger ( or myself ( if you have any questions.

Roger will be leading the events at the Omni Hotel.  I will be leading the events at the Night Two Offsite at Oak + Ivy.  Many of you will work at both venues.  Should you have any questions concerning activities at either venue please address them to Roger or Bill depending on which venue is involved.

High level for those that are new to the program, Legends is a 3-wave recognition event.  Days 1 and 3 will be hosted at the Omni Hotel, night 2 Legendsfest will be off site at Oak + Ivy.

Click/tap here to view the program at a glance.

Personal schedules

Personalized schedules can be found here:

This is still a work in progress as we continue to finalize production details.  There are a lot of moving parts on a program this large.  So all schedules are subject to change. We will do our best to communicate personally via text or email changes but please be sure to check back on a daily basis before heading offsite for sure.  For those working at Oak + IVY the times listed there are the call times. Be sure to allow 20-30 minutes for travel from the Omni hotel.  We are finalizing the details on rental cars and more information on that will be provided as we get closer.

Schedule items in Blue are at the Omni hotel.   Schedule items in Green are at Oak + Ivy

Ground Transportation

We will be using a combination of Uber and rental cars for ground transportation. If you have an FSI credit card, please use it as normal and expense the receipts to project 199.  Or if you prefer to expense them you can do that by submitting a reimbursable receipt here… Reimbursement Request – Fogarty Services Payment Network.

Dress Code

Setup dress code in all venues can be casual and comfortable but needs to be professional.  No cut off sleeves etc.   Show dress code for all show days at all venues will be show blacks.  Show blacks = nice non jean black pants, FSI polo or other black shirt and black or dark colored shoes.   If you need additional FSI polos we have a pretty good selection at the office.   Or let us know if your new and out of town we can bring some along.  Couple of other things, no smoking or tobacco usage while working.   Smoking and tobacco usage on breaks in approved areas is fine.  Also, prefer that we not wear ball caps on show days.  If you have questions on dress code expectations, please reach out to me directly.   Sorry to be a bit of a pill on this… but it’s important to me that we look professional and consistent.

Social Media

All activities, entertainment, and all other creative content cannot be shared on social media. Please do not reference working for U.S. Bank or share images of the program.

Planning for weather

If you are scheduled to be at Oak + Ivy, please be prepared to work outside in changing weather conditions.  We will be providing sunscreen and bug spray.   The majority of Oak and Ivy is grass meadows, so work boots and rain gear would be recommended.


Many but not all meals will be provided.  Roger or I will communicate those details as we get closer to program operation.  We simply request that if you aren’t scheduled to have a client provided crew meal on a given day, please use your per diem. This applies mostly to the meals provided at the Omni Hotel.   Cast, crew and USB staff we are well over 200 people.

Administrative Items

Internally, this is project 199.

Please be sure to use project code 199

Thank you!