Real Meeting. Virtual Audience.

Communication in your organization is vital, now more than ever. Keep your company’s plans and workgroups functioning smoothly.

We are experienced in producing meetings and events while streaming it live to an online audience. With multiple camera angles from a meeting space, recreate the look, feel and sound of the actual event and send it to your attendees electronically.

Actual Meeting. Imagine keynote speakers or panel discussions onstage delivering their message. Everything is in place for an interactive broadcast.

Audience participation. People want to feel included, even in a remote setting. Live Q&A and real-time polling provide the participant a full interactive experience.

Budget Neutral. The cost for the streaming equipment and extra cameras is usually offset by the removal of large audio system and audience lighting.

Event Size. Recreate settings from small breakouts to full general sessions.

Honor your graduate

The time to celebrate is now. Choose the leaders in commencement to assist you in perfecting your graduation experience. Whether it’s providing closure for the fall class of 2020 or making plans for the class of 2021 it’s time to rethink how you celebrate and recognize your students.

Commencement Reimagined:

  • Custom website for each graduate
  • List of accomplishments and accolades
  • Includes video from teachers, students, family and friends
  • Downloadable for personal use and shareable on social media

Optional enhancements:

  • Virtual, hybrid, or drive-in graduation ceremony
  • Diploma covers with custom QR code that links to their custom website • Personalized video production
  • Include school-branded promotional items
  • Ship cap/gowns/cords/regalia to students

Recognition Reimagined

Challenging situations and unique times call for nimble action. Keep a commitment to your organization’s annual recognition plans with a virtual ceremony. As experts in recognition, we can deliver for your winners, whether recreating a live event or creating a personal recognition experience.

Live Presentation. We are experienced in producing meetings and events while streaming it to a live, online audience. With multiple camera angles, recreate the look, feel and sound of the actual event and include the attendees electronically.

Celebration. Winners will receive tailored messages communicating their award shipping status. Awards will be delivered in custom packaging and include a unique QR code link to their personalized recognition website.

Fogarty Services can produce common content for the entire organization, then populate peer and workgroup congratulatory messages and videos that management and co-workers upload to our recognition portal. A unique experience awaits each recipient.

Winners will be encouraged to record themselves unboxing their award. Posting to social media with custom hashtags builds excitement within your organization.

Interactive Gift Suite. If your winners receive gifts, include a link to our interactive shopping experience. The site allows them to browse through the catalog of pre-selected items with shipping options.